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Questions / Transferring file tag-rating to gmb
October 10, 2021, 00:15:37
I've used foobar2000. All my files have Custom Field "RATING" with numbers from 1 to 5. I have mp3s, flacs, m4as..
Version 1.1.16.
I can not see this in tags via GMB. If I make in foobar2000 different fields like "RATING2" - I can see this tag in file description. But not in the playlist via custom tags - It's empty.
foobar2000 doesn't see your rating tags at all. So I cannot figure out how to transfer all my Ratings (It would be great, not to delete previous one.

But to tell the truth - It would be awesome to make my old rating visible in playlist. It seems like player intended to do so, but it doesn't work :(

And personally - I think it makes so much sense. 1 to 5 stars rating seams enough. Having the same tag field name

Other than that - YOUR PLAYER ROCKS!!!!! For years I didn't like the idea to join linux because there was nothing comparable to foobar2000. And GMB seams super-great!