I use DeadBeef in the AVLinux distro for outstanding playback via Alsa or Jack. Mostly Alsa as it is possible to have mixed bit rate and sample rate files. With Jack, one needs to keep on changing the settings (sample rate) according to the file being played which is a PITA. Another nice function in the Deadbeef Alsa plugin is that it is possible to configure the period & buffer.

I came across Gmusicbrowser by accident and gave it a try. The Alsa playback was very bright and 'hard' so I knew that period & buffer settings needed to be adjusted. Unfortunately, I could not find any such settings in GMB as I have in DB. I did use Jack for playback in GMB, where the period & buffer is user selectable, and playback was outstanding. However, as mentioned above it is a PITA when playlists have mixed files with different sample rates.

So my main question is how can I change the period and buffer settings in GMB when playback is through Alsa? Much appreciated if this can be solved as the playback quality of GMB is on par with DB and could even be better, which would make it, for me, the best audio playback solution for SQ (sound quality) in Linux but only through AVLinux ultra-low latency distro.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!