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Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. I've got the following problems using the "Screenlet" widget in GMB 1.1.99 Beta:

1. Transport buttons do not always display on mouse over. They work once on an initial mouse over and then on next mouse over they don't appear. After waiting a long time, (doing something else on computer) they will reappear on mouse over.

2. Intermittently, when restarting GMB, the size of the Screenlet widget will automatically enlarge itself even though the settings for the Screenlet widget image size have not changed. Attempting to change the settings from within GMB won't work to restore the correct size. The only way I found to correct this is to delete the current "GMB" config file and rename the previous days "GMBxxxxx.bak" file to "GMB". Restarting GMB then restores the Screenlet widget to the correct size.

3. Very long song titles are not well centered. a long song title is cut off on the left side. Mousing over the song title fails to slide the long title so that you can see it all, particularly the beginning left side (as it did in previous versions).

4. Forgot to add. Left clicking on "Screenlet" to pop up track list and then selecting a specific track to play, also doesn't work. In earlier versions of GMB this worked.

I hope a newer, improved version of the GTK3 version appears soon.

Thanks. The patch worked just fine. ;)
Ubuntu 20.04LTS. GMB 1.1.99 Beta Deb.

After creating a filter, if you later right click on the filter's name and select "Edit Filter" nothing happens.  The filter dialog box does not open and there is no way to edit the filter. :(
Gmusicbrowser deb and Git master versions under Ubuntu 20.04LTS.

Desktop Widget "Screenlet" has issues: 1. Mouse-over does not pop up transport buttons. 2. Size adjustment buttons don't work properly and aren't labeled "horz" and "vertical". The "vertical" or second box for size adjustment doesn't work at all as far as I can tell. 3. All of the other widgets, including ones I created under prior version of GMusicbrowser have identical problems. I had to delete gmbrc file and start from scratch to recover after Screenlet widget froze at an overly large size which I never set and could not resize correctly.

Glad to see development has started again. :)

I can confirm the same problem on 16.04.1 LTS.

BTW, has Quentin stopped development of gMusicbrowser? There hasn't been an update in over a year!
To my surprise, after going through all the suggestions here, I found no one has asked for proper vu meters as found in the now defunct Guayadeque player, nor a decent and properly labeled spectrum analyzer with a db scale and scalable octave frequency notations (as can be found in Foobar 2000).
I took the uninstall 1.1.8 and install new 1.1.9 route. At the end of the new install of 1.1.9RC, it popped up the same error message before completing the installation, but it seems to have worked.


When attempting to install RC 1.1.9 over  RC 1.1.8 in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, I get an error that it will break the existing installation of GMB. I've attached a screenshot of the error.

Is it safe to attempt the upgrade or will it destroy 1.1.8 and all of the current settings I have?

Quote from: VastOne on January 12, 2012, 21:27:35
Did you remove them from within the GMB Desktop Widget too?

Some, not all. But, the ones I didn't remove from within the widget control program were not active when I deleted them using Nautilus.
Thanks for all the info and help Quentin.

Have you looked at the latest code VastOne has submitted which is combined with your code. For now, IMO, it looks like the best visual solution.

By the way, I used Nautilus to delete all the layout files I added to my layout config folder during our experimentation in creating the nowplaying widget, however the deleted layout filenames are still present within GMB's Desktop Widgets control panel list. I've restarted GMB several times and even rebooted, but the old layout filenames won't go away. How do I get rid of them since they are no longer active or needed?
I really like what you did. A big improvement, particularly the popup buttons. It will become my default.

So if I understand correctly, the "combined" layout code in the above post means that this is the only layout file that needs to be in the layout config folder.
I will try it out, although I do prefer the text at the bottom.

Am I correct in assuming that because of this piece of Quentin's code in the nowplaying_screenlet2 layout:

that, both my version of the layout and Quentin' need to be in the GMB layout folder simultaneously for the popup buttons to work?


That simple a change. :-[
No need to apologize, thanks again.
Will go surfing Ubuntu Forums to see if I can find an answer.

edit: made the change. Actually, it works out better this way. Now the timeslider is above the cover art with no nasty white triangle obscuring the time played.
Quentin & VastOne,

Again, many thanks for your help on the widget.

After spending considerable time reading the layout wiki (I won't divulge how long  :-X :-[) and experimenting with code splicing of your respective versions, I've gotten this far:

Window = size=240x240,transparent=1
VBmain= _Cover(forceratio=1,hover_delay=1,hover_layout=nowplaying_screenlet2_popup) -HBtime Title(xalign=.5) Artist(xalign=.5) Album(xalign=.5)
HBtime= Length(markup="$length",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=0) _TimeSlider(direct_mode=1) PlayingTime(markup="%s",initsize="XX:XX",xalign=1)

I've attached a snapshot of what it looks like (minus the popup buttons which appear over the bottom text area when the cover art is moused over).

I still can't figure out how to get the timeslider above the text and below the cover art.

Also, VastOne, you mentioned:

QuoteThat white triangle is from a Gnome 3 issue that I recall from using Gnome Shell on Fedora 15..  There is a fix for it ...  Has to do with a corner move settings hat you can tweak.  I think I may have even discussed it with squentin on these forums somewhere

I did a search but couldn't find any post in the forum about it. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 Unity and Gnome Shell. Is it possible for you to be more specific on how to fix the white triangle issue?

O.K. finally got the top versions to work. Here's a screen shot of both:
(top shot) nowplaying_screenlet2_vastone
(bottom)  nowplaying_screenlet_vastone2

I think the top is better, however, as you will notice, the remaining time on the far right is obscured by the white triangle in the right lower corner. Otherwise, nice work. :) As a matter of personal preference I do prefer the text info on the bottom along with the time info the way Quentin did it. But I do prefer your time slider visually, particularly because the transport button are easier to visualize without them being superimposed over the text. I guess, for now, it's a trade-off with the popup buttons: text on top makes the buttons easier to see on the bottom and text and slider on the bottom makes the buttons a little harder to see.