here's a layout i created (well, more or less i modified queue-library-context) and have been using for quite a while.
(screenshot attached)

Default      = Window fullscreen=1 FPane0 page=artist FPane1 page=album,albumpsize=64, artistpsize=64,albuminfo=1 QueueList cols=13_25_3_21_22
MBmenu      = MainMenuItem PSortItem PFilterItem QueueItem
HBmenu      = _MBmenu -SimpleSearch
HBButtons   = Prev Play Next -5Pos -5Queue -5Filter -5Sort
HBTime      = LabelTime Length _Scale
HBTitle      = Filler0 _Title
HBArtist   = LockArtist _Artist
HBAlbum      = LockAlbum _Album
VBText      = HBButtons HBTitle HBArtist HBAlbum HBTime
VBplayer   = VBText
VBLeft      = VBplayer 5_QueueList(group=1) Cover HBQueueButtons
HBQueueButtons   = Total
HBSongtree   = _SongTree
HBfp1      = _FPane1(nb=2,hide=1)
VPfp1      = HBfp1 HBSongtree
HPRight      = _FPane0(nb=1,hide=1) VPfp1
HPBottom   = VBLeft _HPRight
VBmain      = HBmenu 5_HPBottom
HSize0      = Filler0 LockArtist LockAlbum
VolumeScroll   = VBplayer
Window = borderwidth=0