March 10, 2011, 10:48:02 Last Edit: March 10, 2011, 19:37:33 by aboettger
Some modifications for the "Arkanoid Vertical"-Layout.

Various fields can be hidden by a small button in the upper left corner of the area. Using shortcuts, the areas will also be a fade in and out.
In addition, a small section was added. Here are the previous, current and next song appears.
The list of titles already using a group layout, which can display the content centered (thank you    laite and squentin). This group layout is currently not available through the PPA.

Group layouts (or in my Git Repo:
{Group gmb-art_cover_center}
title=_"gmb-art - Cover centered, album, artist and disk breadcrumbs"
head= max(pic:h, nocover:h) + title:h + line:h
vmin = head

line: line(x1=0,y1=0,x2=$_w,y2=0,color='#000000')
title: text(y=pic:h, x= $_w/2 - title:w/2, markup='<b><big>'.pesc($album).'</big></b>'. if($disc,'  <big><b>«</b></big>  <b>'.pesc($disc).'</b>'). if($year,'  <big><b>«</b></big>  '.pesc($year)) . '  <big><b>«</b></big>  '.pesc($artist),pad=2)
pic: aapic(picsize=picsize,ypad=2, x=$_w/2 - pic:w/2)
nocover: picture(w=picsize,h=picsize,yalign=0,resize='s',file='gmb-art_nocover.png',x=$_w/2 - pic:w/2,hide=pic:wr || !shownocover)
picstars : picture(file=ratingpic($rating_avrg),x=($_w/2 - pic:w/2) / 2 - picstars:w/2, y=pic:y + pic:h / 2,hide=!showrating)

picsize: OptionNumber(default=100,min=20,max=1000,step=10)
shownocover: OptionBoolean(default=1,name='show a \'no cover\'')
showrating: OptionBoolean(default=1,name='show album rating')

{Group gmb-art_disknr_with_symbol}
title=_"gmb-art - Disk number and symbol"
head= max(case:h, title:h, album:h)
vmin = head
case: picture(file='gmb-art_nocover.png',w=24,h=24,resize='s',x=0, y=0,pad=2)
album: aapic(x=3,y=4,w=case:w-5,h=case:h-7,aa='album')
title: text(x=case:w + 5,y=case:h/2 - title:h/2,markup='<b>'.if($disc,$disc,'?').'</b>')